Our Story

FBI Flowers is a true international company. We farm in northern Mexico and Southern California. We import product from South America and Australia. We sell our flowers and bouquets across the United States and into Asia. 

We have always served both mass markets and the traditional wholesale business. Frank Biddle got his start in the late 1980s selling stock grown in Mexico to both types of customers.

In the last few years, we have added acreage in San Diego county and expanded our bouquet production into roses and mixed designs using California and South American product.

Here is a closer look at our flowers and our farms.


Our San Diego area farms, like the one on the right, provides us with a plethora of funky greens, as well as signature products like safari sunset and waxflower.

We recently acquired another farm in northern San Diego county that provides us with large quantities of myrtle, acacia and eucalyptus for our wholesale customers and our own bouquet production.



Flowers and Focals

We work with partner growers to produce a classic line of California field flowers, such as stock, larkspur, sunflowers and other varieties. 

For our bouquet production, we expand our list of ingredients by importing roses, carnations, pom poms and other flowers from some of the finest growers in South America. We are members of a co-op and import product cut fresh to order from 120 partner farms, mainly in Colombia and Ecuador. We also work with lilies and other flowers typically grown in northern California.




FBI Flowers is one of the largest shippers of waxflower in the United States. We manage the production and sale for a handful of farms, including an actual mountain of wax in far eastern San Diego county.

Taken together, our production areas represent many different microclimates, allowing us extended harvest periods in purple, pink and white varieties as we shift production between farms.

We also work with farms in Australia and Peru so our customers can have waxflower in the summer and fall months.